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Are sleepless nights and daytime fatigue taking a toll on your life? It is time to discover the world of sleep medicine, where science meets slumber to help you achieve the restful nights you deserve.

Understanding Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine is a specialized field dedicated to diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. These disorders can range from common issues like snoring and insomnia to more complex conditions like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

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The Sleep Apnea Dilemma

One of the most prevalent sleep disorders is sleep apnea, which affects millions of Americans. It is characterized by breathing interruptions during sleep, leading to daytime tiredness, mood swings and even health complications like high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Role of Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine professionals play a vital role in diagnosing sleep disorders and developing tailored treatment plans. Their expertise covers a wide range of solutions, from lifestyle adjustments and behavioral therapies to cutting-edge treatments like oral appliance therapy.

A Path to Restful Nights

If you are struggling with sleep issues, do not despair. Sleep medicine offers hope and solutions. By consulting with a sleep specialist or gaining assistance from our dentist, you can embark on a journey toward better sleep and improved overall well-being.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Every individual’s sleep needs are unique. Dr. Carrie Sessom works closely with patients to determine the most suitable treatment, which might include lifestyle changes, medications or devices like oral appliances.

oral appliance

Experience the Benefits

Embrace the science of sleep medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and unlock the countless benefits it offers. From enhancing your mood and cognitive function to safeguarding your long-term health, better sleep can transform your life.

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