Digital X-Rays: A Clearer View of Your Oral Health

The Future of Dental Imaging

Say goodbye to old-fashioned X-rays; digital X-rays are here to revolutionize your dental experience. These advanced imaging techniques offer numerous benefits, enhancing precision, safety and your overall dental visit at Riverwalk Dental Spa + Sleep Apnea Solutions.

Sharper Diagnostics

Digital X-rays provide a sharper, high-definition view of your oral health. Dr. Cheryl Fleming can zoom in, enhance and manipulate these images, allowing for more accurate diagnoses. This means potential issues can be spotted earlier, ensuring prompt treatment.

Reduced Radiation

One of the most significant advantages of digital X-rays is the significantly lower radiation exposure compared to traditional X-rays. It is a safer option for both patients and our dentist and team while still delivering excellent image quality.

Immediate Results

No more waiting for film development. With digital X-rays, the images appear on the computer screen instantly. This expedites the diagnostic process, making your dental appointment quicker and more efficient.

Enhanced Patient Education

Digital X-rays allow us to share the images with patients on-screen. This visual aid enhances patient understanding, enabling more informed discussions about treatment options and overall oral health.

Join the Digital Age at Riverwalk Dental Spa + Sleep Apnea Solutions

We are dedicated to providing you with the latest in dental technology. Our adoption of digital X-rays in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ensures that your dental visits are not only efficient but also safe and informative. Embrace the future of dental imaging and call our office at 918-770-0027 ext. 1 for an appointment with our team!

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