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Oral Appliance Therapy

Explore oral appliance therapy, a noninvasive solution for sleep apnea treatment in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our custom-made devices gently reposition your jaw and tongue, keeping your airway open during sleep, and leading to easier nighttime breathing, better rest and improved overall health.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

For those who struggle with sleep apnea, it can seem as if you will never rest well again. At Sleep Apnea Solutions, we specialize in helping you overcome this sleep disorder, and work to ensure you wake up refreshed and revitalized. Meet with our dentists one-on-one for sleep care designed with you in mind.

Sleep Medicine

If you suffer from tiredness, snoring or have been diagnosed with a sleep breathing disorder, Dr. Carrie Sessom wants to empower you through our sleep medicine education and sleep treatment options. These therapies aim to improve your sleep quality, boost daytime alertness and prioritize your wellbeing.

Home Sleep Study

If you wonder if you suffer from a sleeping disorder, many times a simple sleep study can give us the answers that you are looking for. Our team can arrange for you to have a simple home sleep study completed in the comfort of your own home! Our team will hold your hand through the entire process from start to finish. These services are covered under most medical insurance plans.

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