If you participate in any kind of sport or recreational athletics, we strongly recommend that you be fitted for a sports mouth guard. Custom sports mouth guards help prevent injuries to your teeth, gums, and tongue, and reduce the risk of an injury to your jaw and neck. We advise that you receive a sports mouth guard even if you play a non-contact sport. Please call Riverwalk Dental Spa + Sleep Apnea Solutions at 918-770-0027 to learn more about sports mouth guards in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and schedule your appointment with Dr. Carrie Sessom.

As part of our commitment to keep your smile healthy, beautiful, and free from pain, we offer sports mouth guards. While you can purchase a generic mouth guard from most sporting goods stores, a custom mouth guard made by our dentist will provide your teeth, jaw, and other oral structures with more effective protection. Custom mouth guards are designed to fit comfortably within your mouth, and are significantly more durable than generic mouth guards.

Sports mouth guards fit over your teeth while you play sports or participate in other athletic activities, protecting your mouth and jaw from injury. These appliances are recommended for all types of athletic activities, but are especially useful for those who participate in high-contact sports, such as wrestling, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, and rugby.

We welcome you to contact our office today for more information about custom sports mouth guards and to make your appointment with our skilled dentist.