As part of your regular dental exams, Dr. Carrie Sessom will use a digital X-ray machine to capture images of your teeth and supporting structures. These high-quality pictures will be used to detect tooth decay and other oral abnormalities not visible to the eye before they can develop into serious, permanent problems for your smile. We invite you to call us at 918-770-0027 to learn more about digital X-rays in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and schedule your appointment with our dentist at Riverwalk Dental Spa + Sleep Apnea Solutions.

Digital X-rays are a safe, quick, and comfortable way for our dentist and team to more closely examine your mouth. This advanced diagnostic tool uses a digital sensor to capture images of your teeth, which our dentist can then project onto a nearby monitor to view. Digital X-rays are very safe, producing 80-90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays, and not requiring the use of any caustic or toxic chemicals to develop the images.

Digital X-rays are used in diagnosing a variety of dental problems, including:

  • Tooth decay between the teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Improper positioning of the tooth roots
  • Cysts and abscesses
  • Fractures in your teeth or fillings
  • Tumors
  • Bone loss
  • Infection in the roots or tooth nerves

Our dentist also uses digital X-rays in planning oral surgeries and restorative procedures, including dental implants and root canal treatments. Digital X-rays capture images of your supporting oral structures, allowing us to plan and perform more precise, effective treatments to improve your smile and your oral health.

For more information about the uses and benefits of digital X-rays, and to schedule your consultation with our dental professionals, please contact our practice today.