Our dentists can provide you with porcelain dental veneers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to help you achieve a picture-perfect smile in just a few short visits to Riverwalk Dental Spa + Sleep Apnea Solutions!  Veneers cover and correct the flaws in your smile to provide you with beautiful, natural-looking results that you can enjoy for years to come.  We invite you to call us at 918-770-0027 to learn more about porcelain dental veneers and schedule your consultation with Dr. Carrie Sessom or Dr. Cheryl Fleming.

Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.  Our practice uses veneers made from porcelain.  Porcelain very closely mimics the appearance of tooth enamel, providing you with a natural, beautiful, and long-lasting cosmetic treatment.  Porcelain is also stain-resistant, ensuring that your smile will stay bright and beautiful for years to come.

We may recommend veneers to:

  • Close large gaps and spaces between your teeth
  • Whiten stained or discolored teeth
  • Correct slightly crooked teeth
  • Restore the appearance and function of teeth that are broken, chipped, fractured, or worn
  • Improve the appearance of irregularly shaped teeth

To learn more about the benefits of porcelain dental veneers, and to make your appointment with our skilled dentists, please contact our practice today.