What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

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What do you know about caring for baby bottle tooth decay? Continue reading this post to find out some more about the disease and what it means for you.

In the early phases of baby bottle tooth decay, fluoride processing is normally sufficient to reverse the condition. As the disease increases, restorative treatments such as crowns and fillings will perhaps be required. In the direst cases, extraction of chompers can become the only option. Depending on the age and temperament of your child, Dr. Carrie Sessom may endorse sedation dentistry practices and processing to ease the effect of other treatments.

There are multiple signs and symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay. First of all, be alert if you’ve ever given your child soda, candy or other sugary drinks. Secondly, you may have cause for concern if you do not often brush your child’s chompers or assist them to brush their teeth. Physical signs of the condition you can look for include white, brown or black areas on the chompers, bouts of smelly breath, red and swollen gums and any symptoms of infection.

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