Sleep Disorder Quiz

YesNo1. Have you been told you snore?
YesNo2. Does your family have a history of premature death?
YesNoDo you have diabetes?
YesNoHave you ever been told you have coronary artery disease?
YesNoDo you have high blood pressure?
YesNo6. Have you ever experienced irregular heart rhythms?
YesNo7. Have you ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea?
YesNo8. Do you dream?
YesNo9. Do you awaken from sleep with chest pain or shortness of breath?
YesNo10. Has anyone said that you seem to stop breathing while sleeping?
YesNo11.Have you ever had a stroke?
YesNo12. Have you ever been told you have congestive heart failure?
YesNo13. Do you have or did you ever have atrial fibrillation?
YesNo14. Are you currently taking pain meds?
YesNo15. Do you have a CPAP?
YesNo16. Do you use a CPAP at least 4 hours every night?

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