The Joy of Veneers

If you don’t have a top-notch smile, we can give you one of ours. Dental science is moving forward fast and we can move with it by keeping your smile modernly flawless. One amazing form of dental technology is the veneer. This is custom-made, durable ceramic sheet that fits over... Read more »

Zoom! Whitening Basics

Have you ever wondered what your teeth would look like free of stains and discolorations? Did you know that there are tooth restoration techniques such as Zoom! whitening that focuses specifically on improving the color of your teeth? For a better understanding of the basics of Zoom! teeth whitening treatments,... Read more »

Understanding the Seal of Acceptance on Your Dental Products

Many people do not know that the American Dental Association has a Seal of Acceptance program. This is so you know if a dental product is safe and effective to use. Dental products can be overwhelming to choose from when you are shopping at the supermarket. That is why, Dr.... Read more »

A Bridge That Feels Loose Needs Your Dentist’s Attention

Dental bridge restorations are typically cemented onto the anchoring abutments with a special dental-grade adhesive. This will bond them in place for many years to come. Yet there are still times when an oral accident, a dental trauma, or poor periodontal health could cause complications. This could potentially weaken the... Read more »

Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Symptoms Should Never Be Ignored

Most people are aware of the oral health threats posed by untreated tooth decay and gum disease. Yet the serious threat posed by oral and pharyngeal cancer should not be underestimated. While your twice-annual dental checkup at Riverwalk Dental Spa includes a screening for oral cancers, you should not ignore... Read more »

Your New Partial Will Require Simple Cleaning and Maintenance Measures

The new partial created for you at Dr. Carrie Sessom’s Jenks, Oklahoma clinic was designed to replicate your multiple missing teeth. The materials it was made from will not be susceptible to tooth decay problems. However, you will still need to apply some simple measures to ensure its long lifespan... Read more »

A Minor Dental Fracture Will Require Timely Treatment

Small dental fractures, can come from any number of different sources. A bad habit of using your teeth to open packaging, or chewing on stray objects can increase your chances of suffering a chip to one of your front teeth. If you unconsciously grind your teeth at night, without the... Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Toothpaste Might Obscure Symptoms of a Condition Requiring Dental Care

Discomfort in your teeth when you consume certain foods and beverages can impact your lifestyle choices, as well as your enjoyment of life. While you might find some relief from a special toothpaste, chances are the underlying cause can worsen, leading to more significant oral health problems. Tooth sensitivity could... Read more »

Dental Emergency: How to Deal With It

Did you know that there are a number of things you should do to keep your pearly whites healthy? Still, even if you care for your teeth well, you could have to cope with an emergency eventually. Generally, we suggest preparing an emergency kit with gauze and a cold compress.... Read more »

Your Oral Health and Waterpiks

You may already know that you need to keep your pearly whites clean if you’re interested in preventing issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Similarly, you may have been told that brushing, flossing, and visiting our dentist twice a year are steps you should take to keep your mouth... Read more »