Smile Takeovers: Tooth Hazard Prevention and Treatments

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Are you familiar with any tooth hazard risks that can plague your smile? To ensure your smile can continue to thrive for many years to come, always be aware of tooth hazard risks in your life and be aware of effective treatment plans to minimize their damage. Oftentimes, additional oral appliances may be required to help keep your teeth safe.

With oral appliances such as a mouth guard, you can help limit the risks of oral accidents and injuries associated with tooth hazard risks. Even a single strike to your face can destroy your smile, so make sure that you have a mouth guard in place to protect your teeth at times of need.

To keep your smile safe, always exercise caution with any products that can damage your teeth and gums. Beyond tongue and lip piercings that can rub against your gums or chip and crack teeth, be aware of oral health conditions such as bruxism which can cause your teeth to grind together while you sleep. Similarly, be aware of dietary choices such as cough drops that can lead to dental damage.

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