Consistency Helps Instill Your Child With Good Oral Hygiene Habits

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Preventing cavities and periodontal health problems when your child is young will reduce their chances of suffering from other oral health issues later in life. A child who loses one or more teeth to untreated tooth decay might also be at increased risk of needing traditional braces in adolescence.

At the same time instilling good oral hygiene habits early in life will go a long way toward helping your child maintain these practices in adulthood. Our dentist notes that you can start brushing and flossing your child’s primary teeth as they emerge from the gums.

Providing your child with a colorful toothbrush and a child-safe toothpaste might help keep them encouraged to brush. Just make sure to always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before presenting them with a new oral care product. The ADA’s logo on the package ensures that the product meets their high standards for safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Carrie Sessom also notes that you should bring your child in to his dental office for their first dental checkup, at some point before their first birthday. The simple outpatient appointment will monitor your child’s oral health and development as well as providing you with an opportunity to voice any questions or concerns.

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