Improvements in Oral Health Care: Oral Cancer Screenings

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Would you be able to spot oral or throat cancer if it was present in your mouth? Are you familiar with all the signs and symptoms that often arise alerting you to its presence? Did you know that oral and throat cancer often leads to difficulties with your mouth and even areas outside of your mouth? It’s true, so always assess any abnormalities or irregularities in your head, neck or face to determine if oral cancer is present.

Oral cancer is often linked to several difficulties within your mouth including hindrances to your ability to speak, read properly or even changes in your voice. Furthermore, if you are having unexplained numbness and loss of feeling in your mouth, it could be a sign that oral or throat cancer is present.

Other common visual clues of oral cancer include the following:

– gum tissue inflammation

– the presence of lumps or bumps in your mouth

– rough spots and eroded areas on your lips or gums

– frequent unexplained bleeding in your mouth

– sores that do not go away after two weeks

– a feeling of excessive throat soreness or a chronic sore throat

– unexplained weight loss

Even if you’re not suffering from any of the aforementioned symptoms, it may still be present as symptoms vary from person to person. For an oral cancer screening, visit your dentist.

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