Do Your Best to Prevent Cavities

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If you do your best to prevent cavities, then you are setting your smile up for a healthier future. Cavities can put a strain on your oral health and cause conditions like tooth loss and gum disease. Fortunately, cavities can be prevented. To help you learn how to avoid cavities in your smile, our dentist, Dr. Carrie Sessom with Riverwalk Dental Spa in Jenks, Oklahoma, has provided you with a list of information you can apply to help protect your oral health.

Here is a list of information on the best way to prevent cavities from attacking your smile:

– Your tooth enamel is a thin layer on your teeth designed to add an additional layer of protection. However, it can be damaged. This results in tooth decay. To prevent tooth decay, limit damage to your tooth enamel.
– Plaque build-up is one of the biggest causes of tooth decay. This is because plaque can convert substances in your mouth into acids which will erode your tooth enamel.
– If tooth decay is allowed to continue unimpeded, it will eventually cause infections and tooth loss.
– If a hole forms in your tooth enamel as the result of tooth decay, a cavity will occur.
-To improve your oral hygiene and lower your risk for tooth decay, brush your teeth twice every day. Because your brush cannot reach areas between teeth effectively, be sure to floss once a day as well.
– For tooth decay treatment and prevention techniques, visit your dentist.
– Cleanings every 6 months from your dentist can help lower your risk of tooth decay.

As you can see, there are methods and treatments you can do each day to help prevent cavities and fight the threat of gum disease. If you are in need of a dental checkup, or if you would like to have a cavity repaired, please call us today at 918-770-0027 to make an appointment. Our dental team is happy to help your oral health stay in tip-top shape!