Take Control of Your Halitosis

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Do you have uncontrollable bad breath? If so, you could be suffering from halitosis. Halitosis is a condition that causes you to have bad breath and can be embarrassing at times. The good news is you can take control of your halitosis and even prevent it! To learn how, our dentist, Dr. Carrie Sessom with Riverwalk Dental Spa in Jenks, Oklahoma, has provided this list of treatment and prevention tips to help you with your bad breath.

These tips on halitosis include:

– Did you know that bacteria can cause bad breath? Even bacteria on your tongue is a known risk factor for bad breath, so always clean your tongue every day. You can use a brush or tongue scraper to make sure it is adequately treated.

– Did you know dry mouth can produce bad breath? It’s true, so always make sure your mouth has plenty of salivae.

– Quit smoking and don’t chew tobacco. Beyond the extensive list of issues these two bad habits cause, bad breath can also occur.

– Do you regularly visit your dentist for oral checkups? If not, now is the time to do so as they can help treat bad breath if it is present.

– Did you know that dentures cause bad breath? It’s true, so make sure you are cleaning your dentures every day.

If you are ready to find out the reason behind our halitosis, please talk to our office today at 918-770-0027 and make an appointment. Our dental team is happy to look for the reason behind your bad breath, so we can reverse it and give you a fresh smile.