Prevent Invasive Tooth Decay With Regular Dental Checkups

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Tooth discomfort that is extreme and persistent is one of the common signs of cavities developing in the tooth enamel. We encourage you to come see the dentist as soon as you experience any cavity symptoms so that they don’t compromise the tooth enamel and infect your vulnerable inner tooth structures. By visiting the dentist every six months, you can prevent the development of cavities and protect your smile from severe damage.

When you schedule a dental exam and cleaning at Riverwalk Dental Spa, our team thoroughly examines your smile for any developing areas of tooth decay or gum disease, as it is very important to treat these conditions in the early stages so that we can offer conservative and affordable dental care. Never delay treatment for a cavity to the point that it is advanced and may require you to receive a large dental filling or other treatment.

Potential symptoms of a cavity may include:

– Dental discomfort that is sharp or throbbing when you bite or chew with that tooth
– Persistent tooth sensitivity as a result of cold air or eating something that is hot, cold or sweet
– A tooth that has fractures or chips
– Areas of the tooth enamel that appear dark

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