Do You Have Sensitive Teeth? How to Know and Get Relief

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If you’ve ever wondered why you wince every time you eat something really cold, like ice cream, or even sugary foods, then read today’s blog about tooth sensitivity and how you can the relief you need! There are some reasons why your teeth are sensitive, such as:

– Damage or breakage in the enamel, caused from tooth decay, worn-away enamel or fillings, and a tooth fracture that is close to the root, exposing it to the air
– Periodontal or gum disease, which can cause a sensitive feeling and even tender gums since receding gums expose the tooth’s root; if gum disease is allowed to continue without treatment, it can result in plaque and tartar developing into cavities
– Tooth sensitivity can also be the result of trauma, such as having a lot of dental work done

Once Dr. Carrie Sessom, our dentist at Riverwalk Dental Spa, discovers why you have tooth sensitivity, he can determine the best treatment plan and get you relief; we may even be able to eliminate the tooth sensitivity, over time naturally.
There are a few things you can do at home which includes, applying a protective fluoride treatment that may contain high levels of sodium fluoride and one you can use while brushing. You can also purchase special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using these at-home remedies will help diminish your sensitivity in the long run.

We also have treatments in our office, such as high concentrations of fluoride that the dentist can apply to help seal very small openings in your dentin called tubules. If, after time, these treatments fail to bring you relief, we may discuss the possibility of performing a root canal, where we will clean out the roots of your tooth, which should get rid of the sensitivity. Call us at 918-770-0027 for an appointment about tooth sensitivity in Jenks, Oklahoma.