Healthy Dental Implants Require a Healthy Smile

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While your dental post and implant restorations can’t be invaded by tooth decay or cavities, they can still be affected by bacteria buildup in the gums, which can lead to the loss of the implant. Even after receiving a dental implant you should continue to exercise excellent dental hygiene and receive dental cleanings regularly.

Oral health and the health of your dental implant are closely related, which is why it is so important to care for your smile at home and see a dentist regularly. Poor dental hygiene allows plaque to form around the implant restoration as if it’s a natural tooth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental hygiene visits are important steps to remove these particles from around the surface of the implants and below the gum line. Extensive plaque can lead to a serious periodontal infection called peri-implantitis that causes bone loss and implant failure.

Dental implants are designed to last for a very long time, even your whole life, as long as they receive appropriate preventive care that includes routine dental check-ups and quitting harmful habits like smoking.

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