A Minor Dental Fracture Will Require Timely Treatment

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Small dental fractures, can come from any number of different sources. A bad habit of using your teeth to open packaging, or chewing on stray objects can increase your chances of suffering a chip to one of your front teeth. If you unconsciously grind your teeth at night, without the protection of a dental guard, you could also be at increased risk of suffering a chip on a molar or premolar.

A basic filling or cosmetic bonding procedure might be able to repair a small dental fracture. If one or more of the teeth in your smile have chips, your dentist might recommend having porcelain dental veneers installed over the face of each tooth.

A more substantial dental fracture or a chip that forms on a critical surface of a tooth, might requiring replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a crown made from gold, metallic alloys, or dental-grade porcelain.

In extreme cases, where a dental fracture has traumatized the pulp or root of the tooth, Dr. Carrie Sessom might need to perform a root canal to restore the damaged structures, before mounting a crown.

If you live in the Jenks, Oklahoma area and you have suffered a chip on one or your teeth, you need to call 918-770-0027 to have it professionally examined and treated at Dr. Carrie Sessom’s dental clinic.